PPM Innovators Summit

500 Delegates Learn How to Survive and Prosper During Coronavirus

The inaugural PPM Innovators’ Summit concluded on Thursday, 2 April 2020.

Although the summit had to move online – and morph from a physical event into a virtual conference because of the onset of the COVID-19 coronavirus – it still attracted almost 500 delegates.
They were treated to some riveting discussions by three of the PPM industry’s leading global thinkers.

The summit’s keynote speaker was the renowned PPM guru Oliver F. Lehmann who delivered a fascinating presentation on survival hints for enduring in a coronavirus world.

The range of his talk was intriguing, as it drew on case studies from industries as diverse as the pharmaceutical sector to space exploration.

Mr. Lehmann explored issues such as conflict resolution, and how to deal with incompatible egos on a project team; working on cross-corporate and cross-governmental projects – which has never been as important in recent times, owing to the coronavirus pandemic; and the importance of rigorous portfolio selection in recessionary times. (Watch Now)

Mr. Lehmann was followed on stage by the no-nonsense Fergus O’Connell, a gifted author and one of the PPM industry’s most experienced practitioners.

He delved into some of the war stories he’s encountered in his project management career. Amongst the practical pieces of advice he imparted dealt with the need to speed up the execution on project delivery and to focus on smart project planning.

“There’s a massive amount of time wasted in companies,” said Mr. O’Connell. “If we remove all of this waste, it would be a notable change in the way that companies perform. It’s about tightening up projects and removing this excess. Most companies and their messages are inefficient. Technology is supposed to make us more connected, but in reality it’s done the opposite.

“There are huge benefits to shortening projects such as reducing costs, waste, money saved, improved revenues, and an increased cash flow. Shortening a project reduces the risk that it’s going to run over. Teams that shorten projects also have an improved morale and overall job satisfaction.”

(Watch Now)

The PPM Innovators’ Summit drew to a close with a presentation by Lee R. Lambert, who is one of only a few PMI Fellows in the world.

He spoke about how organizations can operate more effectively while their staff are working remotely and in isolation; and about the ideas that an organization can harness to pivot rapidly and make more meaningful decisions in day-to-day business dealings that have to be carried out remotely. Mr. Lambert delivered a clear mantra: “Physical presence doesn’t have to be a necessity”.(Watch Now)

Lastly, we’d like to leave you reflect on one of seven survival hints to help you endure this coronavirus crisis.

It is taken from Mr. Lehmann’s presentation – which is available to view “on demand”, as are the other two conference discussions – about the need to nurture your social work even though we must temporarily work in isolation.

“I believe if you look at crises in the past – wars, diseases and so on. Those people who were most successful, those people who survived them, had strong and well-functioning networks. The tendency of many people is different at the moment. We see a lot of isolationism coming up again in the world. Fiefdom-ism is coming up again. Nationalism is coming up again.

“We see organizations that don’t take care anymore of their business partners, their contractors, their customers – and who just look after themselves. In the long term, if you look after your network, if you take care of others, you have a higher probability to survive a crisis like the one the coronavirus is presenting us with.”

A reminder that you can watch recordings of all three talks any time by signing-in here.

What Next

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