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Coronavirus – and Why We’ve Converted our Summit into a Virtual Summit

Due to the escalating Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak, we’ve decided to cancel the PPM Innovators’ Summit in-person event planned for April 2nd.

We appreciate this is disappointing, and the decision wasn’t taken lightly, but your health and safety was utmost in our minds. Delegates will get a full refund.

However, in the spirit of adaptability of all good project managers, we’ve transformed the summit into a FREE PPM Innovators Virtual Summit so you’ll still get a chance to hear from the PPM industry’s leading thinkers.

First and foremost, our sympathies at this time are with those affected by the coronavirus in China, Italy and around the world. These are extraordinary times we’re living through. It’s important we stay focused, and that we continue to innovate. That’s why we are committed to bringing you a revamped PPM Innovators’ Virtual Summit.

The Line-Up

As you’ll see from the revised schedule, we’ve maintained an exciting roster of speakers and topics, including Lee R. Lambert, the “original” PPM innovator and one of only 70 PMI Fellows worldwide; Kieragh Nelson, Managing Director, Operational Delivery, PwC Operate, Helen Carmichael, Manager, Contract Management, PwC Operate; and Oliver Lehmann, project management practitioner, analyst, author and trainer. They will share with you their advice and experience on some of the most pressing issues in the PPM space.

These include the PPM trends shaping our industry; the secrets to successful change management; advances in digital transformation and lessons learned; Survival Hints for Project Business; and some precious insight into how to address the coronavirus in your daily project management lives.

Overcoming Challenges

The PPM industry is at the heart of our global economy and the public services it provides, including, of course, our critical healthcare services, which will encounter huge demands in the coming months. It’s vital we use our ingenuity to deal with and overcome the challenges that the coronavirus presents us with.

It’s also, however, important to stress that we believe there will be a silver lining to the coronavirus. It will act as a spur to invention. It will help, for example, to reduce travel costs and our global carbon footprint. It will accelerate machine learning. On a personal level, with less business travelling, we’ll get to spend more time with our families. We’d encourage you to read the thoughts of Cora Systems CEO and founder Philip Martin on this subject.

So please join us for what will be a stimulating virtual summit. We guarantee our speakers will provoke ideas in you that you won’t have considered. With the spread of the coronavirus, the working world won’t stop, but now – perhaps more than ever in recent times – we need to harness our innovation. We need to encourage each other. We need to be resourceful. We need to share the best of our ideas. Make sure to join us. You’ll be inspired.

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