Oliver Lehmann

"Survival Hints for Project Business"

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Oliver’s Paper containing the Project Business Survey: can be downloaded here

Further papers and journal articles can be accessed here

Further details on the Survival Hints for Project Business can be found here

Oliver’s Book “Project Business Management (Best Practices in Portfolio, Program, and Project Management)” can be purchased here

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Speaker Profile: Oliver Lehmann

Oliver Lehmann, MSc, ACE, PMP has many stories to tell, based on experience as a project management practitioner, analyst, writer, and trainer, which he collected over more than three decades.

Based in Munich, Germany, Oliver helps organisations and individuals identify and address weak spots, bring methods and structure into their projects, unify language and approaches, and achieve professional certification. Another focus is the improvement of the customer-contractor interface in project business. During his 30 year careers he has worked with customers such as Airbus, DB Schenker, Honda, Microsoft, Olympus, Oracle, SAP, T-Systems, and many more.

He has been a member and volunteer at PMI, the Project Management Institute, since 1998, and served five years as the President of the PMI Southern Germany Chapter until April 2018. Between 2004 and 2006, he contributed to PMI’s PM Network magazine, for which he provided a monthly editorial on page 1 called “Launch”, analyzing troubled projects around the world.

In early 2020, Oliver founded together with a group of enthusiasts the Project Business Foundation as the home association for professionals and organizations involved in cross-corporate projects as customers or contractors to improve education and giver help in times of conflicts and crises.

Oliver believes in three driving forces for personal improvement in project management: formal learning, experience and observations. He has written extensively on Project Management and is the author of “Situational Project Management: The Dynamics of Success and Failure” and of “Project Business Management”. Oliver is also an authority on artificial intelligence (AI).

Survival Hints for Project Business

“Project business happens, when two (or more) parties do a project together as a paying customer and a paid contractor. It is the core of today’s project economy.

The current crisis met players in project business unprepared. Among all business disciplines, project business has the lowest number of experts, literature, software, and offerings for education. However, professionals and organizations need immediate help to survive the crisis.

Oliver F. Lehmann, the world’s leading expert in project business management, presents a number of survival hints that can be implemented immediately and protect people and companies from avoidable failures.

Watch a recording of Oliver Lehmann from the 2020 PPM Innovators Virtual Summit below: